About Sunset Farms

Sunset Farms was established in 1988 with the goal to grow the best possible floral products for the horticultural industry at the most affordable price.

We are constantly striving to enhance our facilities and educate ourselves in order to grow the healthiest, most beautiful flowers, as efficiently as possible. These cost effective growing practices allow us to pass the savings to the customer.

We take pride in serving a wide array of customers. Whether you are a floral center or landscaper, every customer is important. With our custom growing programs, we can pin point your floral material needs and specifically grow for you.

In the spring, we offer a tremendous variety of flowering bedding plants, hanging baskets, and planters. Our spring material is grown in our climate controlled greenhouses. Spring delivery begins with our colorful Pansy Crop at the start of March.

The fall is our specialty – MUMS !!! All of our chrysanthemums are grown outdoors using a Chapin Drip System – a series of poly tubing that results in the individual watering and fertilizing of each one of our 160,000 chrysanthemums. This cost effective growing practice ensures each mum receives only the water and fertilizer that it needs. The mums are planted at the end of May and are available for delivery by mid August.

With the help of our dedicated staff, we are here seven days a week to meet your floral needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to being your number one floral provider.